1) Scientific Approach to Identify learners– By identifying learners as per their 3 learning styles- VISUAL, AUDITORY, & KINESTHETIC, and using plan based teaching methodology accordingly.

2) By recognizing MI ( Multiple Intelligence) – School believes that every child is Unique. Our dedicated teachers design lesson plan based on students MI, to deliver in an easy way.

3) Teaching through Mind map –  It is unique tool discovered by Tony Buzan. The graphical / pictorial way to present ideas and concepts which is used in SMPS as visual thinking tool to structure information, to help students analyse and create new ideas.

4) QCT– Quality Circle Time is one of the practices which helps the child develop the crucial skills of life . QCT shows children that their opinions matter. Giving them real choices and allowing them to express their feelings , enhances their self-esteem.  

5) Holistic Development– All the teaching and learning strategies adopted leads to Holistic Development ( Physical , social, emotional, mental and spiritual growth) of the children.  

6) Personal care– Directors, Principal, teachers/ staff welcome & receive their student with full love and care.

7) Safe environment– School is fully equipped with CCTV and Fire extinguisher. Transport- Buses are equipped with GPRS, SPEED GOVERNOR ( Max. Speed 40 km/hr) CCTV, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, etc ,

8) Future-ready School– With incorporation of points of NEP, our school is best for students, making them confident and ready for future.

9)Value -Based teaching and Environment sesitization – Which develop student as a sensible human being.

10)Scholarship program– School avails scholarship for the students who score 80% and above.