Other Amenities


Grooming Students

Equipping children with life skills is one of the most essential tasks at SMPS. Programmes, Seminars and group discussions are regularly conducted for grooming young girls and boys which help them to learn etiquettes with a stress on value based development of their personalities. Personalized counseling is also conducted for the benefit of children.

Tours and Excursions

School regularly plans and organizes tours and visits to help children gather information and get aware of all the surroundings, society and the other world.

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Students’ Participation in school affairs and training for life

Students’ involvement in discipline, orientation in school advisory committees with the objective of fostering mature behavior, Practical Knowledge, self-reliance and independence through learning routine chores are inculcated in the students.

 Security and Safety

Round the clock i.e. 24 hours security along with other adequate safety measure is the permanent features at SMPS.

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