The School Campus

“Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as valuable gift and not as a hard duty.” Based on these words by Albert Einstein, the school campus located on Khandwa Road, offers beautiful, serene, green campus away from the noise and pollution of the city and yet easily accessible, for the children to grasp knowledge as valuable gift. The green school campus portrays the harmony of constructed perfection and natural beauty.

Building Block

Architecturally Planned, Vastu Based school Building with lush green surrounding.

Sports facilities

Believing that “healthy body can only house a healthy mind”, we provide undaunted efforts to cater to the child’s physical development. A wide spectrum of sporting facilities has been provided. These include Swimming, Athletics, Cricket, Football, Throw ball, Dodge ball, Net ball, Volley ball, Skating, Badminton, Martial Arts like karate are also taught to children to instill confidence in them.


The beautiful wing where every child is a achiever and patience is teacher’s profile, understanding the child her tool. The wing is well equipped with a plethora of facilities providing modern learning tools to the growing minds. Beautifully decorated corridors Specially designed toys Infotech decorated classrooms Equipped with smart class system Play way with fun activities Montessori aided teaching Music and dance classes For kids, it is lot of fun-based learning

The School Library

The school library has various sections and caters for different age groups. For junior section the wide variety of colourful books attract young readers and satisfy their curiosity. The senior section is provided with wide variety of subject related reference books as well along with story books. LCD projector and well stocked with CD’s related to all subjects.

The Smart Class

The school has adopted Smart Boards which enhance comprehension and internalize abstract learning with the help of animation, 2D and 3D multimedia modules.

Audio Visual Room

The School provides spacious Audio Visual Room to sharpen the various skills of students. The AV Room has complete audio visual aids and internet access for the online presentations, Power -Point Presentations, Linguistic presentations, Quizzes which help children of the school to get holistic education.

Computer lab

The students of SMPS are smartly trained to be computer savvy. The school has wellequipped computer lab with 40 LCD monitors with latest software’s. The students from Class 1 onwards are allowed to access in the computer lab according to their well designed time table.