A Home Away from Home

There is a hostel nearby, situated in splendid green environment provides a home like environment to children and is round the clock under the observation of Shubh boarding authorities.

The hostel has the following facilities to make it beautiful and comfortable abode for the children

  • A well equipped dining hall with hygienic kitchen provides nutritious and tasty food to the children.
  • Coaching facilities available after the school to improve the academic standards of the children.
  • Special coaching to improve Spoken English.
  • Round the clock Medical facilities to take care of emergencies.
  • Proper security arrangement assured to the hostellers.
  • Round the clock hot water by use of solar heaters.
  • Evening Swimming and sports activities for the recreation of the children.
  • Routine yoga and exercise schedule.
  • Spacious recreation room to help children relax.
  • Proper Laundry facilities available for children.
  • Regular weekend movie programs, picnics or outings planned for children.