Our Achievers

Alumni of SMPS​

Nidhi Jaiswal

B.com, M.com
Profession- Land Record Officer ( MPPSC) working in Govt. Revenue Department.
For me SMPS is the best school in the world. I was a very shy girl and SMPS moulded me into a Confident, Competent person with leadership qualities. Thanks to my school (अपने प्रथम प्रयास में MPPSC में पास होकर लैंड रिकॉर्ड आफिसर पद के लिए चुनी गई)

Vishal Mukati

IIT Banaras
Class 12th - 90%
Profession- Data Analyst in Myntra ( Bangalore)
My Journey from SMPS to IIT Banaras was possible only because in my school I was taught right way connecting lesson with the daily life/real life.

Engineer Palash Patidar

Qualification: B.tech (CSE)
College: SRM university, chennai
Profession: Software Development Engineer at (Innovaccer, Hydrabaad)
The main objective of SMPS is to help you grow with the passion to do something worthy in life. I have learnt the most important skill i.e. self-discipline.

Sona D

Architect, Indore
Profession- Home designer/ Consultant
SMPS stands different from others because it does not only give us education but also makes us outstand with discipline and moral values.

Shubham Jirati

Profession: Software Development Engineer at (Innovaccer, Hydrabaad)
SMPS has most dedicated mentors and teachers who bring out the best from the students, they not only teach lesson from books but also teach us for life and guide as co-travels.

Dr. Ujjwal Patidar

Profession- Working with Govt. Hospital
My view and experience of SMPS is heart-felt. I started my education from SMPS as a student with scholar number 001 and finished my education from SMPS with good result in 12th. This school has given me everything which helped me to build my career safe and bright .School also taught me moral values,social norms and most important ways of living & learning positively. School also works on personality development of individual students and makes better version of their students.Getting equal number of opportunities in every field is a plus point of SMPS .School taught me about cultural events, care for environment and social works . Even the teaching staff is so caring and helpful , they teach in way that we remember everything. Teachers taught us practical knowledge is far better than theoretical knowledge. I am always thankful to all teachers of SMPS . I whole-heartly says that I not only got Education from SMPS but got many good memories which I always share with my friends.

Dr. Akshay Patidar

Profession- Working with Arbindo Hospital
SMPS is a REAL GURUKUL in true sense where a child's complete development including physical,social, mental emotional, spiritual etc occurs . SMPS is recently awarded as one of the cleanest school of the city Indore. Sustainable living and 4R' s- Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are in routine practice here.This approach of the school really matters as the students will always be in touch with Mother-nature and they will implement these in their life. Learning such important lessons (eg. Rainwater harvesting , plantation etc ) they can inspire others to further contributes to the well being of people and nature. So apart from studies,one can understand and learn the importance of life and nature as well here.

Itisha Patidar

IIT ( Jodhpur)
Class 12th - 88.2%

Profession: Software Engineer at GOOGLE
The 'Teaching Techniques' in SMPS are so unique and as per needs of each student. The Mind-maps and flow charts taught to us in SMPS is helping us now also to grasp concepts and new tools easily and do quality work at all sectors. The personal tuitions given to students and guided studies by Director sir and Principal ma'am are blessings for all students in SMPS.

Vipul Dhurve

Class 12th - 82%
The management and staff in SMPS treats students as their own responsibility and try to make them better citizens.

Tanmay Gupta

Class 12th - 95.4%
The Multiple-Intelligence based Teaching in SMPS has changed many lives of students including me. I learnt about volunteering, Spoken English and personality development too. I am thankful to school for continuous motivation and guidance.

Pulaksh Garg (Engineer)

IIT - Goa

Computer Science
Class 12th - 81.4%
Profession- Lawyer

Himanshu patidar

I still remember all my teachers who shaped my better future. The SUPW, hands on experience, Nature care, dance, music, karate, cricket are best taught in SMPS. I always wish all students must get a school like SMPS.

Shubham Patidar

SMPS is like my second home. I learned everything of small value to big value here like discipline, how to behave with others, taking positive risks , working hard etc.As "Luck" doesn't give a second chance, I was lucky to be a student here and got rid of fear of speaking in front of the entire school from the stage using a Mike.I also improved my vocabulary in spoken English, Sanskrit and Hindi. My all lovely childhood memories are related to SMPS. I have spent 6 years of my life here and I never forgot those 6 years till now. I want to say thanks to the Director Sir who took care of us like his own children by staying with us in Boarding. And I want to thank all the staff who taught us and cared for us all the time. I am proud to be a student of SMPS.
Thank you SMPS for this great life experience.

Shubham M

Profession - Assistant Bank Manager ( HDFC)<br> I got my very first chance to hold a mic in SMPS when I was in class 1. I was assigned the duty to conduct assembly everyday to overcome my stage-fear and be confident. SMPS taught me about Personal care, Health & hygiene, Public speaking Groups discussion and Extempore skills which helped me in my interview of Personal banker and I got opportunity to work in Bank.

Prateek Dubey

Profession: Business and Teaching (Owner at Chai kshaay cafe).
The scientific as well as cultural approach goes hand-in-hand in SMPS. Students became complete package of logic and culture.

Balram Patidar

Class 12 th - 72%
Profession- Software Developer
I got admission in SMPS after studying in a Hindi medium school. Although I was not bright student but after counselling of Director Sir and Madam, I performed well and scored 72% in 12 board PCM.I am a Software Engineer(M. Tech) with Bachelor's degree of Technology in Electronics and Communication now. Currently, I am working in Singapore based company as a "Software developer" where I am working on java, angular, react, node, etc. One of the good memories in my life is definitely the Student-life in SMPS. It is the place where I recognized my uniqueness, individuality and started by learning the alphabets.The School made be capable and I can now solve difficult equations using my knowledge. SMPS plays a pivotal role in broadening student attitudes. Qualities such as perseverance, honesty, patience, discipline, and obedience are developed in students.

Anuj Khemariya

PSC aspirant
Life is about everlasting learning. But the initial habits of learning are seeded in students here which helps us to learn better everywhere.

Nitesh Patidar- B.E

Profession- Engineer cum Businessman
Networking and positive relation with people helps us in business. These qualities are also cultivated in SMPS. I still remember the annual function, daily assemblies are best opportunity for students who hesitate come forward on stage.So, a salute to my school.

Vaibhav Dashore

12 pass out year - 2017-18
Class 12 percentage- 74.4%
Achievement - currently pursuing for civil services examination
Our school creates an enviroment where everyone learn the concepts with practicals. It is an institute where teachers taught us -"excellence is not being the best, it is doing your best". San Marino school also teaches us the importance of nature.

Engineer Ankit Ptidar

The words alone are not sufficient to describe SMPS. SMPS is a complete package which turns students to be perfect citizens .SMPS greatly focuses on "Clean environment, green environment" which is extremely important in present scenario. I am grateful to my all mentors also.

Aakansha Agnihotri

Profession - Deputy Manager in HDFC Bank Ltd
Class 12th - 90%
Qualification - PGDM in Marketing & Finance

Astha Agnihotri

Profession- Lawyer
Class 12th - 86.8%
The key skills of Corporate sectors i.e. Team work and personality development is well taken care of in SMPS. Although, at that time when studying in SMPS, I couldn't understand the motto behind Group work, Group discussion, Decorum of places taught to us but now I realised the futuristic thinking of teachers. Got many life-changing experiences from my school-SMPS.

Siddharth Gupta

B.Sc. Computer Science ( Cambridge Institute of Technology Bengaluru)
Class 12th - 77%
The team of dedicated Educators and Facilitators are working so hard for each student in SMPS. The revolutionary teaching methods here makes learning very easy for all students. The beautiful green environment of SMPS makes every student love nature and use 4 R's to save nature.

Nancy Patidar

Class 12 th : 77 %
Cleared CA article ship in First Attempt
. SMPS family gives chance to all students to represent themselves confidently in front of others. I joined School when I was in Pre-Primary class and got chance to hold the mic for the first time. The teachers helped me to remove my stage-fear at an early age, so I became a good speaker both in Hindi as well as English. I got chance to anchor many school events and became head girl of my school. Thankyou SMPS for making me confident.If you have courage to do something, SMPS will take you to the goal with motivation.

Mangal Mewada

Class 12 th : 64%
Profession- Owner of stone crusher business
SMPS is my second home where I learn about life, ambition, true friendship along with academics. I also learned how to deal with problems related to real life and business. Today I am successful in my business because I spent 5 years of my student-life in SMPS. I always remember the facilities given at school, the discipline you taught me because it made my family proud of me .I miss you my second home…..GHAR SE DUR EK GHAR….SMPS.

Sanskriti Verma

Class 12th - 70.8%
My Green School i.e. SMPS is the first and the foremost foundation of knowledge for all students. The teachers encourage students to acquire knowledge of various fields like many famous personalities, self-discipline, behaviour which helps us in future.

Shekhar Patidar- B.E

Engineer cum Businessman
Better Education makes Better World. I want to express my gratitude for being the best educational institution which gives personal attention to students and take care of environment senitization.

Piyush Agrwal

Inculcating good habits and manners are specialization of SMPS. All students get to learn about Gardening, cleaning, swimming, art & craft, physical activities etc in SMPS. These learnings and good habits remains with us throughout our Life. Thankyou SMPS for taking care of this aspect of life too.

Rohit Patidar

Profession: Organic Farmer
Life is a gift and I am gifted this opportunity to study from a good school like SMPS.

Prabhat Mukati- B .E

Profession: Software Developer.
Shaping a better personality is first and foremost agenda of SMPS. This is the reason, all of us shine wherever we go.

Shubham Nimwalwa

Profession: Software/Web Developer.
"Being a better version of yourself" is taught to us SMPS.Each life is important and should be given equal importance. So, we all inculcated the habit of caring for animals also here.

Mohit Patidar

Profession: Jr. Executive Business Development and Diversification at (Shakti Pumps India Ltd).
The SMPS is second home for students but treating us like family members is unique feature of this school.